Roasted Tomatillo Salsa + Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Aside from the Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo is most definitely next in line for my favorite holiday/celebration. I love Mexican food, mostly because of the cheese. You can find me at Howling Wolf in Salem at least once a week—if you’re local, try the chimichanga… to. die. for. And thanks to my Dad, Margaritas are my #1 go-to cocktail, so you see why my excitement for this holiday is what it is. I have a killer tomato salsa and guacamole recipes but this was my first time trying a salsa verde. Tomatillos have this awesome tangy flavor and when roasted… ¡Ay, caramba! are they delicious. So, if you’re having a few friends over this weekend for margaritas and need a quick appetizer, head on over to the fabulous SMP Living for the recipe. Happy weekend and happy Cinco de Mayo amigos! xo

Recipe and photo by Yours Truly.

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