2012, your going to be…

{Illustration by Mary Kate McDevitt}

Yes, that’s right, totally awesome. I am ready for you, 2012, with a few worthy resolutions in my back pocket.

My new year resolutions:

No TV Wednesdays: 1 night out of the week that we (yes I’m making Shawn do this one with me) cannot turn on the tube, forcing us to do something fun and/or productive like go for a bike ride or maybe clean out the garage (yikes!).

Work out: exercise at least 3 mornings a week, and this does not include walking the dog!

Master my Canon Rebel T2i: read through my entire camera manual by the end of March. I have a wonderful piece of equipment and I should know all of it’s capabilities.

Rise and shine: get up 1 hour earlier each day so that catching up on email and posting will be easier to keep up with throughout the week.

Read more: Read at least one book each season. (Magazines, manuals and design books don’t count!)

Be thankful: Appreciate each day and every person I have in my life.

What are your resolutions or goals that you want to continue with this new year?

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