Letterpress Printing on a Kelsey Tabletop Press

When I try to explain to people what letterpress is and why I love it so much, the conversation can become a bit confusing. So I decided to hire my boyfriend as a camera man for a mini video of how my tabletop press works. I am no pro at this by any means but it explains the basics of how this century old printing method works with a boxcar base and photo polymer plates.

You can see that each piece of paper is fed by hand (with love of course!) and no two prints will be exactly the same. Of course with larger presses with motors such as C&P’s (like my friend Sarah’s from InkPrint), you can crank out larger quantities and sizes at a much faster pace. Vendors that I scout out for my shop work on these larger presses but still put much time and care into each print, which is why I want to represent companies like this in my shop.

Hope you enjoy the video! (That’s Savannah in the background chasing moths… my little printing pal)

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