Friday Round-Up

It’s the 18th of FEBRUARY and that means the National Stationery Show is exactly 3 months away! This is all very exciting but I have SOooo much to do before that date. Next week I’m meeting with CWE (Center for Women and Enterprise) to redeem one of my two free business planning consultations that came with the 14 week course I took. My business plan is quite polished but the financial section needs a bit of love.

Then there’s my business cards (that I’ll be printing on my tabletop press), scoping out a shop location, website, contacting vendors, researching credit card systems, POS systems, etc. And all the while, Shawn and I are moving into our new home, I’m working full time at Neptune, thank god spring is on it’s way, I’m going to need sunshine. OK, I’m done with my mini rant now, here are some reallly fun paper pretties for you.

Cute as a Button Letterpress coaster set from Parrott Design Studio.

Love Lobsters card from Darling Press & Stationers.

Blue baking cups from Layer Cake Shop.

Happy weekend!

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