DIY: Evergreen Saplings in Mason Jars

I had so much fun doing this project for Christmas gifts this year. It’s super easy and inexpensive but a truly meaningful gift. Great for a simple decoration or centerpiece during the winter months.

What you’ll need:
-Balsam fir seedling plugs, from your local garden center or from Nursery Men.
-Mason jars, if you have any around the house or buy in bulk at
-Ribbon or twine, local craft store or from Angela Liguori’s studio Carta Inc.
-Potting soil

How to assemble:
Plant your saplings, making sure not to pack them in too tightly (at least an inch of soil all around the root ball is a good baseline). Fill jars with soil. Cover the root ball and push the dirt down around the saplings. Water sparingly so that the dirt is just slightly damp since the mason jars do not allow for the water to drain. Wrap jars with ribbon or twine and you’re done!

Fun part about these is you can plant them in the spring and grow your own Christmas tree. Or if you don’t have space for that you can donate the tree to your local school or tree-planting initiative.

Check out ReadyMade for more DIY projects.

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