New 100 Layer Cake Site

I am an avid reader of 100 Layer Cake and have discovered many talented designers, resources and inspiration through their blog. This online wedding planning resource features real weddings, crafty DIY projects, designers, photographers and vendors and they do it in such a lovely way. Though I am not currently planning a wedding for myself, 100 Layer Cake has been a wonderful source for finding new vendors and products for my future paper boutique. For instance, I found my calligrapher love*Jenna through 100LC.

For those of you currently planning a wedding (or not, and just want to peruse through good design for hours on end), check out the new 100 Layer Cake website, which offers a much more comprehensive list of vendors, venues, and the fabulous Marketplace. It’s like a smaller version of Etsy or Wedzu, featuring paper goods, craft supplies, party favors and wedding accessories. And if you yourself are a creator of crafty things, you may even want to inquire about purchasing ad space for your website or blog, just a thought for you fellow entrepreneurs out there.

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