Trip to Newburyport

Well folks, we had a wonderful summer, no complaints here. Tomorrow will be the first day of fall and yet the forecast is in the 80’s! I took a trip up to Newburyport, MA today to scout out the downtown for a possible shop location. I spoke with several shop owners to get a feel of the business community—everyone was very helpful and willing to lend advice. So I’ve made my decision, I’m setting up shop in Newburyport! I think it will be a great fit and I can offer unique products that locals and tourists will appreciate. Below are some photos from my day. Earlier I stopped at Brooksby Farm in Peabody to pick apples to make my Ma’s famous apple pie, delish 🙂 And then stumbled upon Brown Spring Farm stand in West Newbury before checking out a house that Shawn and I are interested in. They had wonderful wild flowers and a variety of yummy vegetables at really great prices, and the best part is being able to support local farms.

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